Digital Marketing for B2B Companies

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Digital Marketing for B2B Companies

Digital marketing or digital marketing is increasingly being used by businesspeople. In addition to costs that tend to be cheaper, digital marketing also allows your business to reach customers from all over Indonesia, even the world.

Not only B2C businesspeople do digital marketing. More and more B2B business players are marketing their products online. But you know, there are differences in marketing strategies for B2C and B2B products to optimize sales. 

For those of your businesspeople, you may be familiar with the terms B2B and B2C. In general, Business to Business (B2B) is a business that sells goods or services to other businesses, not to individual consumers. Meanwhile, Business to Customer (B2C) is a business that sells goods or services to individual consumers. 

Suppose you are a consumer goods business owner that sells a variety of snacks, drinks and cleaning products. If you sell your product directly to individual consumers, then your business is B2C.

However, if you sell your products only in large quantities to other companies/businesspeople, then your business model is B2B.

DM for B2B

Characteristics of a B2B Company 

The characteristics of a B2B business are certainly different from B2C, starting from the target market, the sales process, to the marketing strategy. Here are the characteristics of this B2B Company that you should know: 

B2B companies tend to have a longer process in selling products. Because sales are large and involve more than one decision maker, the sales to closing process will take longer than B2C companies. 

A negotiation process is needed that builds trust in the B2B product sales process. Good communication between sellers and buyers is needed to build long-term trust. 

The target market for B2B products tends to be narrower than B2C products which can be marketed to individuals. For this reason, the digital marketing strategy of a B2B company is different from a B2C business. 

Even though marketing is done digitally, it still requires direct contact with B2B customers. Digital marketing that is carried out is usually in the form of leads or prospective customer data so that you can contact them again to communicate or negotiate. 

B2B Enterprise Digital Marketing Tips 

Previously, we discussed the characteristics of B2B companies and what distinguishes them from B2C companies. Then what about the B2B digital business strategy? One of the things you need to pay attention to is where you market your B2B products digitally. 

There are many platforms for marketing your B2B product online. For example, social media such as Facebook and Instagram, YouTube video channels, personal websites, Google search engines, or Marketplace. Here are some digital marketing steps and tips for you B2B businessmen. 

  • Have a Professional Website for Business? 

The key to a successful B2B business is customer trust. Having a professional website for your business will certainly increase your company’s trust in the eyes of customers. You can also market your products freely on your business website. 

Website is like your online office on the internet. Some companies even create several websites at once in order to dominate the market. But for starters, you can create a professional website for your company. Creating and managing a website you should leave it to the experts so that the website can run optimally and bring in many potential customers. 


  • Using Google Ads instead of Social media Ads 

After having a website, all you need to do next is bring visitors to your website. The trick is to advertise on Google. 

94% of consumers search for information about a product on the internet before buying the product. But what needs to be considered is where your product customers are looking for these products on the internet. B2B products tend to be searched for by companies through Google. Especially if your B2B product is a product for industrial or construction purposes. Google Ads is certainly the right choice for driving traffic to your website. 

The Google Ads installation process begins with analysing keywords that match the products that you are marketing. Then proceed with determining your ad budget and target and creating ad copy writing. 

  • Using SEO for the Long-Term Website Development 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of strategies used to increase your website traffic organically (not by advertising). If Google Ads can bring in customers instantly, SEO will take longer. But if SEO has been successfully applied to your website, you no longer need to pay for Google ads to bring traffic. SEO is the right long-term investment for your website. 

There are two SEO strategies, namely On Page and Off Page. On page SEO can be done by creating website content that matches the keywords the product is targeting, installing internal backlinks, and most importantly, determining some keywords to be optimized. Meanwhile, Off Page SEO can be done by installing external backlinks from quality websites. 


  • Using a B2B Special Marketplace 

B2B products tend to be different from B2C products. Chances are you will have a hard time finding construction products such as heavy equipment or construction chemicals on the B2C Marketplace. However, this is not the case with the Marketplace which specifically markets B2B products. Starting from construction equipment, industrial raw materials, to various electronic equipment and other business needs, are available on the B2B Marketplace. 

There are many marketplaces that are developing right now. However, if your business is B2B, you should use a B2B marketplace like By marketing products in the B2B Marketplace, you also could meet customers that match your target market and participate in online tenders. 


  • Immediately Follow Up Leads that you get from Marketing 

As previously mentioned, the form of conversion from digital marketing for B2B businesses is in the form of leads or client company data. Immediately follow up the leads you get and explain your product details to the customer. Again, good communication and trust is the key to B2B business success. 

Besides being in the form of leads, through the B2B Marketplace or website you can also get direct calls from customers by including your company’s phone number. Make sure you receive friendly phone calls and answer your prospect’s needs. 

The above are some tips that you can apply to optimize digital marketing for your B2B business. Starting from having a professional website, using Google Ads, SEO, to registering on the B2B Marketplace according to the business you are running. Hopefully this can be useful for those of you who are developing a B2B business, especially in a digital way. If you are a supplier, distributor, or brand holder with a B2B target market, use the right strategy for your B2B business. 

Having questions in DM for B2B? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help.  Get free consultation from us. 



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