Digital Marketing for Educational Institute

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digital marketing for educational institute

Your education institute already has programs and facilities that are more than okay, then how do you make the education institute not empty of applicants? Marketing skills are also needed. 

Given the high level of student exposure to digital information (at the age of 20, the digital information they get is predicted to reach 300,000 hours), it’s time for you to do a digital marketing strategy for education institutes. 

Although maybe conventional marketing such as billboards and banners is still being done, there is nothing wrong with developing a marketing wing in the digital realm. 

It can be said that the current generation of students is much more tech savvy, making parents inevitably have to keep catching up so as not to be left behind.  

This also includes the educational aspect. Many of them will immediately visit the internet to find information about the best education for them. Implementing a digital marketing strategy is the right step to promote your education institute. 

Digital marketing

Determine Targets and Goals 

You went into digital marketing to promote your education institute, but what are your goals? What are the objectives you want to achieve by doing digital marketing?  

You must be able to answer these questions because understanding the goals and objectives of the education institute is the first step to creating an effective digital marketing strategy.  

Without knowing what you are aiming at or targeting, chances are that your “aim” will miss. Supposing, you are hunting without knowing what animal to hunt. Therefore, make your objectives as clear and specific as possible. 

For example, you want to increase the number of applicants by 20% from the previous education institute year.  

In order to achieve these objectives and measure the results of the success of digital marketing that will be obtained, you will need data from the previous education institute years as a comparison. 

Audience Identification 

If increasing the number of applicants is the objective of your education institute, there are two target audiences that you can target, namely prospective students and their parents.  

After knowing the target audience, you can then take an approach to get to know them further, such as the issues being discussed, where to find them, to the things that motivate them to make a purchase.  

See, determining education institute objectives has an important role in order to continue implementing various digital marketing strategies in the future. 

The better you know your target audience, the easier it will be for you to create online material as a digital marketing strategy and make them more interested in your education institute.  

Find out the demographic data of your target audience, maybe you want to target families with certain socioeconomic backgrounds, prospective students who come from private education institutes, and so on.  

These differences require different approaches, which is why you must be really careful in determining the segmentation of your target audience. The results can affect the type of material that will be published for digital marketing. 

DM for educational

Fix Education institute Official Website 

In the digital marketing strategy for education institutes, the website seems to be the biggest platform for education institutes to do advertising, so you can imagine how important this one tool is.  

Your education institute may already have an official website, but is that website effective enough to achieve the objectives you set from the start? Is the current website of your education institute able to “talk” to your target audience? Are you satisfied with the branding image displayed on the website? 

If you find it difficult to answer them, chances are you will have to make an overhaul of your education institute website. 

Visitors to the education institute website should be able to immediately get messages about the issues your education institute raises and what it is being offered to them.  

Include a special blog as part of the website to discuss topics around the education institute world, such as study tips, how to quickly memorize formulas, and so on.  

Given that there are many aspects that must be considered in creating or remodelling a website, do not hesitate to hire a web designer if necessary. 

Update with Mobile Technology 

Based on data from the 2013 Pew Research Internet Project published by, 74% of teenagers admit to using smartphones to access the internet. 

Given the increasing popularity of smartphones and their various variants, it is not impossible that this percentage will also increase. If you want digital marketing materials, especially websites, to be accessible to your target audience, you should ensure that your website has a display that is supportive for mobile viewers. 

Even according to the 2014 Social Admission Report, as many as 97% of students visited their education institute website via mobile devices, but the majority of them felt disappointed because of an unpleasant experience. 

Therefore, in addition to improving the appearance of the website for desktop screens, your education institute needs to create a website with a mobile appearance that can adapt to the screen size of any mobile device.  

In other words, your education institute website must be mobile responsive. In addition, make sure you also put your contact information in a position that is easy to click on and include links to other areas of the website that the target audience will be interested in. 

Information via E-mail 

Choosing a new education institute, regardless of level, is a big decision. Prospective students will want as much information as possible before making a decision.  

You can fulfil these needs by sending weekly or monthly e-mails containing information related to the nearest upcoming events. Give a little promotion by including some of the latest awards that your education institute has managed to get. That way, you can become an education institute that is top of mind among your potential students. 

 Moreover, this is also supported by the fact of research conducted by the Hobsons International Student Survey, 2014 that as many as 97% of prospective students want to get information on a weekly basis from the chosen educational institution. 

As another option in a digital marketing strategy for education institutes, you can also send e-mails to prospective students based on the type of education they are interested in.  

You can create a more personal e-mail message for them. So, when setting up the e-mail signup system on the education institute website, make sure that you include a column where prospective students can fill in what type of program, they are interested in.  

Then, provide an e-mail containing specific information related to the program, such as class availability, teacher profiles, events, and so on. This will create a helpful impression on your education institute. 

Take advantage of Social Media 

Who doesn’t use social media these days? Checking social media may even have been the first activity that you do when you wake up from sleep. 

A study from Forrester Research in June 2014 showed that the majority of teens use social media, especially Facebook, to get more information about the places around them and to connect with their favourite online brands. 

More than just an educational institution, each education institute is actually a brand with its own image. You can use this to create social media content and engage with them.  

After that, recruit someone who is an expert in social media management. Through social media, provide information about upcoming events, various study tips, and post photos showing daily activities at your education institute.  

This will give prospective students an idea of the experience of going to education institute in your place, thus adding to their information and maximizing the decision-making process. 

Although each education institute has a unique and different digital marketing strategy, there are several important things that must be implemented, namely understanding the objectives of the digital marketing strategy for education institutes, research on audiences, implementing plans, and evaluating the results obtained.  

Hopefully, the education institute digital marketing strategy that you implement can produce results as expected. 

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