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financial services

Digital transformation is opening up new opportunities for companies, regardless of the sector. However, in the financial industry this transformation is accompanied by a series of challenges that companies must address, putting the focus on people. Digital Marketing for the Financial Industry is much more effective than in other industries. From new technologies to new channels and strategies are much better used in this sector, 

In the following video you will find information on how to approach digital marketing strategies for the financial industry in these new scenarios and how you can create experiences that meet customer needs. 

The current strategies for financial marketing are developed with the information systems obtained about customers, so a good implementation of the data will contribute to the commercial culture of the banking organization. 

Dm for finance

Mobile Marketing 

More and more consumers are taking into account that 80% of Internet users own a mobile phone, who access their financial accounts through mobile devices to make inquiries and searches. Therefore, you must rethink your mobile strategies so that they do not focus only on providing account information, but also serve to inform, educate, engage and advise clients. 

But this goes even further, you must ensure that your site is optimized for mobile devices, from a design perspective, but also considering the content that you provide to your audience. Consider the intent of people who are likely to search your website from a mobile device, as well as those who will be transacting on digital devices. Also make sure that the consumer can easily obtain the information. 

In short, Digital Marketing for the Financial Industry in 2019 should focus on providing content specifically targeted at mobile users, with designs that look good on a small screen and information that can be easily digested anywhere. 

If your business has an app (and in 2019 you need to have it to facilitate customer transactions), you should also look at in-app marketing. In-app marketing offers you a fantastic opportunity to share personalized content with your customers that helps improve their experience and increase your sales through personalized offers based on their behaviour, for example. 

financial service DM

Big data 

As a financial services company, you must handle a lot of data that would probably be very interesting for your current clients and potential clients, but if everything is stuck in silos in the different departments of the company, it will not be of much use even for you nor for anyone else. 

In future, it is expected to see an increase in data-driven marketing in the financial services sectors. Companies will work to eradicate data silos and bring investment and product data to the forefront, where it can be used in marketing campaigns and content. 

If your company already has a lot of the information it needs to develop great marketing; so, work to gain access to it, and use industry and product data that demonstrates your company’s expertise to drive your marketing efforts. 

Omnichannel Marketing 

Digital Marketing for the Financial Industry should allow clients to move seamlessly from one platform to the next. This means that if a customer makes an email inquiry, for example, this inquiry should appear in their app when they log in, perhaps along with FAQ articles that can help them solve their problem. 

 Or, if they watch a video or read an article on their desktop while connected to your platform, your email marketing strategy should be designed to recommend new content to them, different from the articles they have already read or the videos they have already read. 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing can be one of the best Digital Marketing tools for the financial industry and one that they can use to gain trust, build a brand, drive website traffic, and find qualified leads. Usually this begins with a content marketing assessment that identifies the main goals and strategies to achieve these goals. The content marketing of a financial institution must analyse the correct use of the products and services of a financial institution and lead to financial success. With a content strategy focused on your clients achieving financial stability (or more), you can gain trust and loyalty. 

Financial sector 

How can companies in the financial industry make the most of their digital marketing strategies? Create valuable content and use it to improve your customers’ shopping journey. 

Provides consistent messages based on analysis of the customer’s purchase journey; Find out what information your customers are looking for and give them the answer with the fewest clicks. Continuously track and test these trips to optimize content and messages. 

Content creation is a valuable tactic in any marketing mix, as long as it serves a defined strategic purpose. For example, you can start creating content that solves your audience’s problems to generate leads. 

What must you do to be successful online? As a basis, your company must have the following elements: 

  • A website that can be easily scuttled by search engines 
  • A responsive website; that responds to all devices, especially the mobile. 
  • A website that’s built with conversion in mind 
  • The technology to gather information and analysis from the audience. 
  • The technology to easily change and update your website. 
  • The technology to manage and execute marketing activities (like HubSpot, for example) 
  • A defined and documented marketing strategy based on information from the real audience. 

With these fundamentals in place, your business can move forward with tactics like creating content with the confidence that your audience will find it easily. The next steps for online success may include activities such as: 

  • Create content that will appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) when your audience searches for a relevant query 
  • Creation of blocked content (It is a strategy proposed by Inbound Marketing to obtain user information through a website form) 
  • With marketing automation technology to nurture leads throughout the sales process. 
  • Iterate all marketing activities based on constant data collection and analysis. 

Some financial services companies may be lagging in marketing maturity, but you have the same opportunity online as the rest of the companies. As Adobe CEO Chris Young says, the finance companies that react to their changing audience will grow in the future. 

The pillars of the financial sector are reduced in: 

  • Good customer orientation. 
  • Competitiveness 
  • Produce comprehensive and personalized services. 

For the services offered by financial institutions, they guide the strategy to be based on quality of service and links with customers: personalized sales, service options, agility in responses and problem solving. 

Let’s not forget that financial services companies or others oriented by the same line work by virtue of the professionalism of the people who constitute them and the perception and trust of their clients. 

Having questions in DM for financial services? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 



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