Digital Marketing for Insurance Company

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In this post, I want to talk to you especially about marketing strategies focused on the insurance sector, so, as I have told you, the first thing to do will be to establish a goal. 
Digital Marketing for Insurance Company

An Insurance Promoter faces two major challenges daily. The first is to help your agents generate more sales and the second is to recruit more agents to support sales growth and a digital marketing strategy can help on both fronts. 

At Prospect Factory we develop digital marketing strategies for insurance promoters, helping them generate more leads for their agents to trigger more sales cycles. We also help in the work of attracting and recruiting candidates for new agents. In the Internet world, digital marketing for insurance promoters generates a solid Web presence that builds trust, projects professionalism, positions the brand and projects authority in the sector. 

When carrying out a marketing strategy, the first thing to be clear about is the objective you want to achieve, since this will be the one that helps us redo the planning of actions to be carried out. 

In this post, I want to talk to you especially about marketing strategies focused on the insurance sector, so, as I have told you, the first thing to do will be to establish a goal. 

ad for insurance

A Digital Marketing Plan for Insurance Promoters must invest in several strategies: 


  • A professional website developed on a world-class platform that is prepared to be understood by Google and has the technology to position itself in searches. 
  • Organic positioning campaign in search engines like Google that captures prospects that are distributed to the agent base so that they can generate new additional sales cycles with which each of them achieves with their own effort. 
  • Advertising campaign on Google and Facebook. 
  • A valuable content plan published through the promoter’s blog and social networks that helps agents share this content with their prospects to gradually consolidate the relationship and gain points and trust in the sales process. 
  • An email marketing plan to each agent’s client base, segmented by agent, but taking advantage of economies of scale in the operation and administration of these campaigns and that helps agents to stay in the minds of their clients and contacts. 
  • A job of attracting candidates in search engines, social networks and specialized recruitment sites. 

Digital Marketing strategies for Insurance Promoters work on engagement prior to personal contact and make this the key to developing relationships at the beginning of the recruitment cycle. 

The recruiting area of an Insurance Promoter must do digital marketing that investigates where its best candidates are, make a presence in these media, interact with candidates, learn from them, their habits and interests, present content that is attractive to potential candidates and then establish personal contact. 

If you want to further narrow down your digital marketing strategies for the recruiting function of your Insurance Promoters, consider that the most promising people explore an average of 14.5 sources of information online before deciding on a job opportunity. 

We can support your recruiting function with the following digital marketing strategies: 

Inbound strategy: develop content that adds value to the profiles of candidates that you want to attract and publish that content both on the site itself through a blog, as well as on other blogs and on social channels. Different types of content should be used like text, animations, videos, eBooks, infographics and more. This allows to generate attractiveness through the content that eventually positions the brand and attracts. 

Search engine strategy: ensuring that the brand is positioned and found when searching on Google and other search engines related to the interests of the candidates. 

Strategy on recruitment sites as well as sections of social networks. 

DM for insurance companies

Why inbound fits in the insurance industry 

  1. It is a product that requires maturation
  2. Lead nurturing is ideal to nurture leads
  3. It allows to give visibility to the micro-campaigns
  4. It is a non-invasive technique
  5. Helps to position your insurance brand in another way


Inbound marketing goes through different phases, just like a user does before becoming a customer, and that is what is known as “funnel inbound”. From this funnel it is important that you know the main phases and what should be done in each of them. 

Attraction (Attract): in this first phase the aim is to attract users to our website. For this, different marketing techniques are carried out, such as content writing, social media management or SEO strategies, all of them with information that is useful to satisfy the needs or answer the doubts of our target audience. 

Conversion (Convert): once we have visits, the next phase is to convert them into leads, that is, get the visits to leave us some of their personal data such as name and email, so that we can start the rest of the processes. To do this, users must be offered valuable content, such as eBooks or checklists. 

Education (Educate): after having converted, these users who have left us their contact email begin to receive information appropriate to their phase of the purchase cycle. For this, it is important to carry out the tasks of lead scoring and lead nurturing. 

Closing and loyalty (Close & Delight): in this last phase, in which the lead becomes a customer, all kinds of actions must be carried out to maintain their satisfaction and work on their loyalty. 

Having questions in DM for insurance company? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 



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