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If you have a business, it is of course important for you to get involved in digital marketing to attract clients around you. Many local businesses make the mistake of simply using online advertising and other types of online marketing. However, with online advertising today, it is easier for you to target consumers in your area and help them get to know your business better. 

Because of this, there are specific areas of digital marketing that are important to include in your business marketing strategy, and others that should be avoided. Implementing a strategy that can target the people around you should be a top priority for your local business. Here we share some ways to grow your local business through digital marketing. 

facebook ads


Facebook Ads 

Because it is so easy to target the audience for Facebook ads based on location, many local businesses currently take advantage of ads within Facebook. A digital marketing strategist and visibility coach, emphasizes that the sales funnel attached to ads needs to be conversion-optimized. You will only be wasting money if your ad is not converting well. Test your various ads and strategies on smaller audiences, then readjust them before exhausting your entire marketing budget. 


Instagram is an ideal place to connect with customers near you using features like location tags and hashtags based on your city or state. From there, you can message potential customers with a large following and offer a free product or service in exchange for an Instagram post or story. Haley Jean Marie, founder of marketing and content creation-based company The Salt Influence, also recommends using Instagram to support your local business. 

Marketing Through Content (Content Marketing) 

Content marketing can also help you with improving your website’s SEO ranking. It is used to describe the upload from your website’s blog in achieving a higher rank. This content is a great place to grab the attention of your local customers. For example, if you run a business that offers skin care services and you are based in Chennai, you can customize and write content to protect your skin from the heat in Chennai on your website. 

In this way, keywords around skincare, skin care, and also Chennai can help you to rank higher. You can also post topics on your website blog that specifically answer the problems and questions of your target audience. 


Email Marketing 

Engaging in email marketing is a great way to keep your subscribers. There are a number of creative ways to build an email list for your customers. If your business is a service and hardware such as a mechanic or a home hardware store, we recommend that you have a tab for your customers to type in an email instead of a signup sheet. This is done so that you can read every piece of writing from the customer without having the trouble of guessing the illegible handwriting. 

Another example you can do is to host an event or sponsor an event and have the visitor fill in their email address, or ask to email their receipt instead of printing it. If they do, you can give them a little appreciation like a discount. 


Engaging in social media through the three types of advertisements mentioned above certainly helps SEO, but it further enhances your business’s internet presence by being able to optimize your website. 

These two simple actions, apart from implementing a Google review strategy, can place your business in the rankings or the first page of Google search results. The higher your page ranks on Google’s search results pages, the higher the chances are that local consumers will find out about your business. 

If you are looking for an agency vendor that offers quality SEO services with a good portfolio, we can help you. 

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