Digital Marketing for Musician

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digital marketing for musician

Part one of this two-part article aims to break down the tools that independent artists can leverage in their digital marketing strategy – all available at their fingertips. 

In today’s world, the general difference between the thousands of emerging artists and the millions of amateur artists trying to make a name for themselves is not talent, but marketing. In particular, the ability of an artist to carry out digital marketing. 

If you can generate revenue from selling music, booking shows, and merchandise, then you’re ready to jump to the next level where people know you, find you, talk about you, and hire you on a regular basis. 

If you’re a beginner looking to take the next step and start marketing yourself. 

While only 1% of musicians explode, go beyond “tip points” and become household names, we all still could make respectable careers as professional artists.  

Media DM


 At the heart of any digital marketing strategy is a website – the one you own and have complete control over. 

Your website will sell your music. It should display your bio, shows, events, and your latest and greatest tracks. A website with blogged content is even better, because it radiates your expertise, lessons learned, and the niche you worked to carve in the industry. 

Putting all your eggs in someone else’s basket, that is. Placing all your content only on sites like Sound Cloud or YouTube, is a risk you should never bet your career on. Social networks that are the hottest thing today may not be around tomorrow. They can have a change of ownership or start charging you a fortune. 

Put your website at the core of everything you do and a social network or app that stands out in both. 

spotify DM


You don’t need the technical pieces to build your own website these days. You can easily activate a WordPress site with a decent managed host.  

Choose a premium WordPress theme worthy of a musician, band, or DJ. Here is a storefront to choose from. 

Need more in-depth help getting your WordPress site up and running? Here’s a step-by-step guide for setting up your website from WP Beginner. 



Plugins add unique functionality to your site without the need for special coding. Plugins are life hacks if you use them wisely. 

Woo Commerce – set up shop and get paid for your music 

Audio Albums – allows visitors to play songs and view your albums 

Calendar Events – showcase your upcoming events 

Social Icon Widget – displays social icons for your Facebook, Instagram, Sound Cloud, Spotify, YouTube and other profiles 

Plugins are tools, not toys. Don’t get caught experimenting with so many plugins that you’re wasting valuable time that you could use to create new music or content. 

digital marketing for musician


Your website is a powerful branding tool. Try searching for some of your favourite artists on Google and you’ll see their website often ranks # 1. This usually means that whenever they conduct an interview or promote an upcoming event, journalists and bloggers link to their website. 

Spread the word about your new site. Once you have a website, keep it updated with new content. Don’t limit your blog to news about your music, products, or events. Use a blog to discuss events in your niche and build a following. 

Encourage conversation, respond to comments, and listen to viewers for new insights. Share your post on social media. Give a shout-out to the other people in your room, and maybe they’ll give you a shout-out too. These are all excellent ways to promote yourself and your website. 

Having questions in DM for musician? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help.  Get free consultation from us. 





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