Digital Marketing for Real Estate

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The business world is growing rapidly, various kinds of businesses compete to attract consumers’ hearts. Likewise, with property businessmen who are now increasingly mushrooming. With the increasing need and demand for new housing, this business will always exist to meet market demand. 

It’s just that the way of marketing and selling the property business must also keep up with the times. Especially where now everything is completely online and digitalized, entrepreneurs and property agents should also follow this flow so that the business can continue to run. The method of marketing should also begin to be overhauled, namely by means of digital marketing which is more attractive to today’s society. 

Anything related to promotion and advertising can be made by means of digital marketing. Given the technology literate society and often do online activities more widely. The following is about digital marketing, what methods should be learned both for property business entrepreneurs and their agents. 

Easy Ways to Learn Digital Marketing for the Real Estate 

Online tools are increasingly understood by the public, but some people are still confused about how to optimize their use to advance business. In this article, we will discuss easy ways to learn digital marketing for property businesses that can provide easy learning with strategies that can be applied by property businesses. How to learn digital marketing for the property business, learn as well as apply strategies in digital marketing. 

Create a property website 

Having a website means you have a main face, because a website in business is so important in displaying all information related to the business products you are running. You can use paid advertising on Google Ads, you can maximize the content on the website using SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

SEO is related to the world of content as well as keywords, because an interesting content must follow the standards of SEO beliefs. This kind of content has a great opportunity for visitors to read. Then you just must wait for the buyer to contact you via the information in the content. 


Short message service 

Digital marketing always emphasizes the speed of response from sellers. So, the times have made it possible for sellers and consumers to always carry out communication from their chat features, for example WhatsApp, Line, Telegram or also various other services related to customer service chat on the business website that you have. 


Professional social media 

Regarding social media, Indonesia is a country with quite a lot of social media users. Indonesians are very active in cyberspace as well as in social networks, for example Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The property market can target these 3-social media as a form of property marketing technique that is considered efficient. Social media makes an online marketing gallery for property connoisseurs.  

Having a professional team is a must, starting with branding, professional copywriters, to professional photographers. The use of images is an important element that determines the gate for buyers to choose the property you offer. Before knowing the price or other aspects, the buyer will initially see the picture first. 

Not only Facebook, the use of Instagram can also be used as a great property promotion tool. Instagram has great potential, there are even property agents that already have a large following. Here all you must do is use a good copywriter on the title of the photo on your Instagram. 

Real estate Digital Marketing

Try to be active in property search 

We recommend that you optimize online marketing by always being active on property buying and selling sites. Because you need to rethink the “partnership” perspective compared to buying a separate site. Given the many efforts to develop and maintain the site itself, you should take advantage of a property selling site that is already available and trusted. 

The reason is that there are various portals as well as home search sites that already exist in cyberspace. The biggest platform is the portal itself, if you want to compete with them using your site it will cost a lot of money and effort. Thus, you need to consider becoming a part of their members as well as becoming an advertiser on that platform. 

There are quite a lot of platforms on property on the internet, namely real estate portals. Real estate agents provide money in order to generate lots of attractive views for visitors. As a result, supply and demand will flood into your real estate agent. 

Property entrepreneurs should provide various information about property offered to the public. There are various features coming soon on properties that you publish to the public, such as what properties are offered. On a property portal like this, it is endeavoured to list potential customers with the contacts who have been announced related to your property. 


Online Open House 

Coming directly to the marketing gallery location remains a popular trend way for property lovers. Consumers can also visit according to their personal taste. They can find out the entire size of the room, about the conditions of the furniture and so on. Open House makes you closer to the customer as well to increase consumer confidence in the property agent they choose. 

The problem here is if the property product that you have doesn’t have a building, you can feel the benefits of virtual reality. VR is the development of information on a multimedia basis, so that users can relate well to the environment in the real world with computer visualization. 

VR is useful in finding and buying properties that customers need easily. So, customers don’t need to come to the location where the project is built, VR has an advantage over other technologies, namely it feels like in the real world. VR has 3 visual dimensions so that it can meet various customer needs for information related to property. 

Having questions in Real Estate digital marketing? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help.  Get free consultation from us. 



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