Digital Marketing for Start-ups

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Digital Marketing for Start-ups

The development of technology is getting faster. Technology helps everyone get the same opportunity. With social media, communication is getting faster and easier, be it by chatting, telephone or video calls. Currently, social media is not only used by young people, but has become a platform that is used in general. If you look around us, from children, adolescents, to the elderly, have used social media in our daily lives. 

Being active in the digital world is one of the most efficient ways to attract customer attention. 66% of start-up business owners say acquiring new customers is one of their business priorities. But to win the market on social media is not an easy thing. Without a suitable strategy, it is very difficult for start-ups to convert from reach to desired goals, for example clicks on shared links. 


The following are digital marketing features:


For your business owners, surely you want your business to appear on the first page, ranking at the top of Google? Therefore, you need SEO. Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a website optimization activity so that they appear on the first page of search engine results, such as Google or Bing. 



Search Engine Marketing is one of the marketing and advertising activities where you place advertisements that will appear in Google search results. 


Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is a marketing process that is carried out using social media. Through social media, companies or brands can carry out structured and targeted promotions. If your business is already active on social media, then you need to carry out a strategy to be able to promote products effectively. 


Social media that are often used for promotion are Instagram and Facebook. 

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Why do you need to use Instagram for business? Because everyone must have Instagram. We can explain products in a unique and fun way. They invite their customers to share their experiences and tag them on Airbnb on Instagram. Instagram focuses on storytelling (stories). Visual content is the content with the highest engagement on the internet, you can reach many people with Instagram features. Make sure that the videos and images your post-match your brand. 


Content Schedule & Posting Rate 

You need to know when the right time is to upload images is and how often you should do it. The following is the highest Instagram engagement data: 

  • Engagement on weekdays can be said to be very high. 


  • Instagram posts: posts that promote your business. These posts can be in the form of motivational quotes, contests, giveaways, reviews, and testimonials. The content that needs to be posted on an Instagram post is 1/3 brand posts 1/3 sell posts 1/3 share posts. 


  • Instagram Stories is at the top of the Instagram feed. Content posts that can be posted on the Instagram story are Quizzes, tutorials, polls, ask questions, Contests and interactive stories and many more to increase engagement. The advantage of Instagram stories is that you can find out feedback from followers quickly and easily. 




Facebook Business Page is a feature of Facebook to help businesses grow. Facebook Business Page can help you build a community Facebook Business Page can also help improve SEO. 

You can reach your audience using Facebook Ads. This feature helps you to target your audience according to demographics such as age, location, education, interests, and so on. 




YouTube reaches a wider audience aged 18-49 than TV. 70% of YouTube millennial users use YouTube to learn new things. You can upload event videos, upload Q & A, tutorials, tips and tricks on the YouTube business channel. 


WhatsApp & Email Marketing 


Email & WA Marketing is also an important strategy in digital marketing for businesses. Sending weekly emails such as contests, giveaway, discounts, event invitations, and updates to your loyal customers can increase customer loyalty. One of the ways to hold this loyalty program is by collecting customer emails and providing special offers for those who send you emails (important events, promotions and discounts, blog updates). 


Social Media Guideline 

  • Brand Image

The brand image must be visible in the visual content of your brand. This helps determine what kind of images and graphics you want to display on social media. 

  • Brand Voice

Brand voice is the personality and tone of your brand in the digital world. This affects how your brand talks and interacts on social media, whether it’s through captions, tweets, comments, or replies to fans. 

  • Make sure the social media content must match the followers

  • Consistent

You must be consistent in creating content and posting it to social media. The more content that is posted, the higher the engagement. 

It is important to know that the best way to reach your target market is by using online marketing, through social media it can increase business and provide leads and potential customers. 

Having questions in DM for start-ups? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. 



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