Digital Marketing for Whole sellers

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Digital marketing for whole sellers

Digital marketing is transforming businesses around the world. From suppliers to distributors to companies, a genuine digital marketing strategy can help shape a money-making business.  

The latest online marketing technologies, including marketing automation, artificial intelligence (AI), voice search, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), internet of things (IoT) and big data, maximize customer service engagement, increase conversion rates, increase sales and automate operations, thus saving time and money. Engage with me in this blog to learn about digital marketing for whole sellers.

Content marketing 

The creation of content has become one of the keys to the Marketing strategy of many companies from different sectors. As far as wholesale trade is concerned, it is one of the Digital Marketing tools to consider. 

What content will my clients and potential client’s value? This is the key question, prior to deciding in what content we will invest our resources. 

There are a series of characteristics that all content that generates value will share: 

  • Provides relevant information for the sector 

News, innovations and launches of your main manufacturers, tips, user manuals, tutorials, product reviews, technical webinars, changes in the legal framework, etc. 

  • Speak the same language as the recipient 

Who will consume my content, who will read me, hear me, and see me? With total security, the recipient of your communication is a professional from an SME, a manager or executive in the case of smaller companies, the purchasing department in medium-sized companies.  

Depending on the sector to which the company is dedicated, other departments of our clients could be interested in our content: technical department, commercial department, among others. 

  • Quality is always better than quantity 

Considering, the public to whom our content is directed is a professional in our sector, who probably consumes this content during their workday and rarely does it during their leisure time. This fact makes the quality and usefulness of the content indispensable characteristics. 

If, together with one of our manufacturers, we organize a technical webinar on the uses, characteristics, news and sales pitches of the product that you will launch next month: many of our customers will be happy to meet with us virtually. 

It is a perfect example of content that adds value, and that the customer will appreciate. On the one hand, we won a unique commercial showcase: an authorized and expert voice talking about a new product, solving doubts live. On the other hand, we win the satisfaction of the customer who seeks information and finds it. 

Do you know who masters of content are? Hub Spot. Probably the most powerful inbound sales and marketing software out there. I leave you this webinar of theirs in which they help you create a content map. 

Social media 

The perfect speaker for our content is social media. Our profiles must become authoritative voices for themselves in our industry. 

Do not close only to your content, also share the content of your main manufacturers and get them to share yours about their brand.  

Do not be shy and ask directly for the contact of the Community Manager of all of them. They will surely be happy to help you out and share your posts about their brand. 

This will help you generate engagement, get organic reach and increase your reputation. 

The specialized and generalist media that speak about your sector are already authorized voices so select the interesting content they share and use it. 

Follow the 1/5 rule. Try not to exceed this ratio in terms of commercial content on your profiles. Focus your content on useful information and added value.  

Share offers and discounts when you consider but remember that what you post should always be interesting for your clients and potential clients. 

If because of the characteristics of your products you need a technical department, take advantage of social networks to provide this service from a new channel.  

Many of your clients will appreciate being able to resolve doubts and incidents directly from Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram. 

Participate in the conversation about your products, interact with professionals in the sector and share knowledge and uses. Lean on your content strategy and become relevant and interesting. 

Don’t forget the social network for professional’s par excellence: LinkedIn. It may not be the social network that derives the most traffic to the web,  

but you can share your most useful content with the LinkedIn community and generate even more notoriety and recognition of the company in the sector. 

LinkedIn Ads will be useful when it comes to getting leads thanks to its segmentation possibilities. 

Use the groups. If you do a thorough search on LinkedIn, you will find groups closely related to your brand and in which you can find many professionals in your sector. Take advantage of existing ones or even create a new one. 

Get your team involved. Invite them to join and participate in the groups and invite their professional contacts on LinkedIn. It is a great opportunity not only to increase the reputation of your brand, but also to value your colleagues.  

And of course, LinkedIn Jobs can be a great support for the human resources department.  



Attract quality traffic to your website, always keeping ROI in mind. For a wholesaler it is always interesting to use tools such as Google AdWords to attract people who are looking for exactly what you have.  

Add the words “wholesaler” or “distributor” in front of your products or “wholesale” at the endNarrow your searches by exact or phrase match. If you do a preliminary study, you will see that these types of terms tend to have few searches and relatively high competition.  

The CPC is likely to be much higher than usual in other types of businesses and the total number of clicks will be low in comparison. But the truth is that each conversion can add great value to our company. 

Our ads will likely have relatively low total impressions. Therefore, each click will be valuable, and we must consider the CTR. 

It is a metric that is usually given great importance (our CPC depends in part on it). But for a wholesaler it is especially relevant since direct competition is counted on the fingers of the hands.  

The percentage of searches that end up on our site is doubly valuable. 

Email Marketing 

One of the great assets of any wholesaler or distributor is its customer database. It is therefore in our best interest to keep this database as up to date, cared for and refined as possible. 

Through the correct use of Email Marketing for wholesalers we can maintain a very profitable communication channel with her. 

  • Segmentation 

For communication to be effective you need your messages to speak directly to the recipient. We will probably find very different customers who buy from the same wholesaler.  

We will have news, news, offers and promotions of great interest to some, but of no interest to others. Segmenting our database (by sectors, size, favourite brands, etc.) will allow us to be effective, build trust and considerably improve our open rate. 

Let’s say we have a new phone manufacturer, which leaves us a better margin than our flagship phone manufacturer. The new product has the same features, a more attractive price and a good introductory offer for large quantities.  

A good way to communicate this to our database would be to launch an Email Marketing campaign with content about it (unboxing or video review) communicating the offer. 

But why would a customer who only buys me speakers want to see content about phones?  

Segmenting our shipment only to customers who buy phones will make the communication useful to recipients, without the need to fill the tray of those who we know will not be interested. 

 If when a client sees our return address in a notification, he knows that the communication is going to interest him: we are doing it well. 

Finally, segmenting our shipments will allow us to reduce the frequency of our emails and never become a nuisance to the customer. Always group your news according to your segmentation and send useful and interesting newsletters. Again, as in Content Marketing, less can be more. 

  • Integration with CRM 

It will not always be possible but having a CRM compatible with powerful Email Marketing platforms such as Mail Chimp or Zoho will be of great help. Both the Marketing team and the pre-sales or commercial department. If both departments coordinate, email can be a perfect support for Telemarketing. 

Having questions in DM for whole sellers? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 



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