Digital Marketing for Hospitality

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Digital Marketing for Hospitality

One of the increasingly popular business fields in the online world is hospitality. This is because hospitality is one of the oldest types of business undertaken by modern humans. And it is increasingly helped by the presence of the internet. If you want to increase your revenue in your hospitality business. Check out and implement digital marketing for hospitality strategy.

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Online Marketing Strategies for The Latest Hotels 

Entering 2019 there were lots of the latest updates on online marketing strategies for hotels. This happens because more and more channels develop themselves for marketing property and tourism. What are the latest updates? 

  1. Creating Interesting Content 
  1. Videos That Dominate the Internet 
  1. Micro Content 
  1. Email Marketing 
  1. Mobile Marketing 
  1. Maximizing Social Media 
  1. Geo Marketing 

We will discuss the seven points for updating the hotel online marketing strategy in the review below. 


How to Create Interesting Content? 

As a material for digital marketing, a hotel marketer must have a lot of content to display. Of course, the content that has been prepared or that has been posted on the official hotel blog has something to do with hospitality activities. Or derivative content from hospitality, for example tourism, weddings, activities and training, or it could also be special events such as New Year’s birthday celebrations. 

These derivative contents will be closely related to market segmentation. Also, with some hospitality products such as room, banquet or ballroom rental. So, how do you create interesting content related to these things. 

The first way is to do simple research on the keywords to be included. This keyword research is important for content in the form of articles which can later be posted on the hotel’s official website. Apart from filling out the website, these keywords can also be the main theme for the production of photos or videos that will also be posted on social media, such as Instagram. 

Videos That Dominate the Internet 

The role of video as an online marketing strategy for hotels is quite important. This is because the visual material in the form of a video will provide a clearer and more real picture for potential customers. What’s more, now the number of people’s access to YouTube is increasing and making marketing with video material will be easier to reach them. Apart from YouTube, there is still Instagram, where one of the contents that can be uploaded is video. 

Micro Content 

Micro content or short content is a form of content both articles and videos that can be read or watched in a short duration. This form of content was preceded by the development of social media and mobile devices, which also shaped new audiences’ behaviour that required quick reading. In addition, this development has created a new content style, for example IG stories with a mobile resolution of 9:16. 

An example of implementing micro content for an online marketing strategy for hotels is using Instagram stories to show the location of the hotel, the building inside, or the ongoing promo. You can also create content on Facebook by showing stories or short testimonials from visitors who have come. 

digital marketing for hospitaloity

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an old online marketing strategy and is still widely used today. One of the advantages of email marketing is that we can provide a personal link that leads to our official website. Given that email is the most problematic online product people have before creating any other online account. 

Tips when creating an email marketing are to add an image to the body of the email as a header, and mention the name of the customer in the title of the email. In addition to being more personal, email with this form looks more professional. And for links, you should only add one link so that it is not detected as spam and goes to the primary page of the email. 

Mobile Marketing 

Mobile marketing is a type of multi-channel marketing, and a common target in today’s digital audience. Given that cellular users have now switched to smartphones that already have a lot of digital features in them. The target of this marketing is users of smartphones, tablets, or other types of cellular. 

Marketing through cellular can be in the form of websites, e-mails, SMS or MMS, social media and applications. Mobile marketing has to be more or less mastered by a marketer considering that almost all promotional content via computers can now be accessed via smartphones. The simplest example is creating a hotel booking application on a smartphone platform. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media is a gathering place for potential candidates for ANY marketing. Social media which aims as a medium for socializing makes it quickly accepted by the public. For example, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the four biggest social media today. 

A brand that doesn’t want to be out of date, of course, has to look at social media as one of its marketing channels. No exception for the property and hospitality business, which can provide awareness regarding their products and their promotions to the public. A simple example of implementing an online marketing strategy for hotels via social media is displaying hotel accommodation promos. Or provide traveling tips through their social media. 

Geo Marketing 

Geo marketing or marketing with a geographic database is quite easy to do with current technological developments. Here a hotel marketer can offer his products at pre-designated target locations. Besides being able to provide maximum results and on target, marketers can take into account the effectiveness of these activities from the data that has been previously obtained. 

One example of an online marketing strategy for hotels through geo marketing is using social media and search engines. As we know, social users and search engine (Google) users are spread all over the world. And this fact makes geo marketing easy. 

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