Website creation for Artists

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Website creation for Artists

How to create an effective artist website? 

Creating a professional showcase site has become an imperative for artists. The promotion of art requires the widest possible coverage in order to reach the audience of connoisseurs. Creating an artist’s website is the ideal solution if it respects the right rules in terms of both web design and SEO. 


Explore our Artists web design premium WordPress templates: 

Our tips for creating an effective artist website. 


Whether you go through a design agency or decide to do your website on your own, using website builder software, the rules that we are going to present to you apply. 

Attractive home page for your artist site 

 In the blink of an eye, your visitor will make an impression on your style. Depending on the showcase website creation software used, you will or will not use templates dedicated to artists. The most important thing is to make sure that these templates are really and easily modifiable in order to allow you to create a beautiful website and a unique site. 

The visitor to your artist’s website is won over, he will browse your showcase site, and he will be tempted to go further in exploring your internet pages. 


A design that recreates your atmosphere 

Are you a painter, plastic artist, sculptor, designer? You cannot be satisfied with a site with a versatile design. Our graphic designers support you and make your website the perfect digital showcase for your artistic creations. 


Think of your artist’s website for mobile use 

Over 50% of visitor traffic comes to a business website from a tablet or smartphone. Responsive design is essential today and must be accompanied by an approach to optimize the content of your pages. Google considers that a responsive design showcase site should allow a web page to load in less than 2 seconds, regardless of your visitor’s network. For an artist’s website, this means that you must compress your images in order to reduce their weight (without altering the quality). Free and professional software exist and will allow you to reduce the weight of your images by 70 to 80%. 


A virtual store to sell your product 

An internet user has fallen for one of your works. If your website has an online store module, you will increase your chances of prompting its purchase. Our teams implement this functionality and adapt it to your specificities. 


Consider SEO 

To be visible to your customers, search engines need to present you. Google decides to present you or that artist’s website based on the SEO quality of it. 

This phase of building a website, while crude, is the most essential. By neglecting your SEO, you run the risk that your website will not be seen by anyone. 

This is especially important on an artist website. Too often these websites are simple portfolios (for a photographer’s site) or image carousels (for a painter’s site), without texts. Unfortunately, search engines do not take images into account for the SEO of a website. 

A photo gallery at the service of your works 

The primary interest of an artist’s website is of course to showcase their work. Our photo gallery module allows you to do this under ideal conditions: choice of the type of organization of the photos, simple updating, enlargement on click. 

Having questions about artists website? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help.  Get free consultation from us. 



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