Website design for a therapist

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Website design for a therapist

Our designers work around the clock to design beautiful templates for you to choose from. Choose your favourite template and add your own pictures and text, customize it to match your brand, and give your business a professional presentation. You can also choose a different timetable for each topic according to your needs, whether it’s general service appointments, letting customers book classes, or choosing a template to optimize your working time and flexibility. 


Explore our therapist web design premium templates: 

Over the last few years, people (especially younger ones) have shifted from “google” (Google search) to “tagging” (hashtag search) when trying to get some information. 

When that happens, what is the value of the homepage? I think there are many people who have become. 

So, this time, as the title says, 

Does the therapist need a homepage? Which service would you like to make? 


What is the Role of the homepage? 

The role of the homepage changes according to the purpose. The roles of a therapist who works as a sole proprietor when he has a homepage are as follows. 


  •  Shop, payment function 
  • Menu, service table (or its details) 
  •  About profile and salon 
  •  Customer feedback 
  • Blog, news 
  • Signboard etc 


When you get some information, you can get various information on Instagram. However, when checking the credibility of the information obtained, I think that there are many people who can feel more at ease when the homepage appears than when searching by that name and displaying Instagram or blogs. 

In order to earn a stable and solid income as a therapist, it is necessary to have a service with a high unit price. When trying to sell a service with a high unit price, “trust ability” is still an important factor. 

Also, (although each service page can be made easier to see on the homepage), especially when there are multiple services, it is easier to see and understand if they are summarized on the homepage. 

If you have a clear idea of your business scope and brand concept, we recommend that you have a homepage. 


How about making a homepage? 

Currently, there are many services that allow you to easily create a fashionable homepage without any knowledge of code. After all, choosing a service that suits your skills and goals is of utmost importance. 

We recommend WordPress. WordPress has its own characteristics, and we recommend you work as it is easy and friendly. In any case, it is necessary to clearly define the “purpose of creating a homepage” and “brand concept”. 

As with us, there are different purposes, usages, fascination, and communication methods that suit each. Make sure you understand it and use the tools that suit your business. 

Having questions about therapist website? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help.  Get free consultation from us. 



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