Website design for architects

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Web Design for architect

Surfing in cyberspace can be a form of manifestation and extension to find out information that cannot be reached, whether due to distance or time. So, what is witnessed in the virtual world is expected to give a feeling and show how the information is there. 

Along with the massive number of service companies to compete in the digital realm, there is nothing wrong if you as an architect or interior designer glanced at opportunities and studied competitors who already existed in cyberspace. Now there are many web architecture and interior design services that offer services online. 

Website architecture is an approach to site design and planning that, like architecture itself, is based on technical, aesthetic and functional criteria. Like traditional architectures, the focus is right on users and user needs. This requires special attention to web content, business plans, usefulness, interaction design, information, and web architectural design. To optimize search engines effectively it is necessary to have an appreciation of how a website is related to the World Wide Web. 

Explore our Architecture web design premium templates: 

Home Page 

Every website has a front page. In general, the front page is the first page a visitor sees and is also the most important page in getting a high search order from search engines, because search engines give more weight to the front page from which other pages. The front page should provide clear and concise information to visitors about what your website is, what products and / or services are available. The front page must have links to all web pages and each page must have a link back to the front page. 


Products / Services page 

The main part of the website contains product and / or service offerings. The number of product / service pages should be adjusted to the number of products / services offered. If the number of products / services offered is large, the main product / service page can contain a summary of the entire product / service, then you create several subpages that contain details of each product / service. Remember, these pages must have links that link one another. 

Information page 

Profile: contains a history of the business or company, vision and mission, who is the main board member of the website or company, and other important matters regarding the business or company. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): contains general questions about products, services, and companies. 

Testimonial: contains customer testimony regarding the use of the products and / or services offered. This page is used to build a reputation. 

Electronic newspaper: contains news about new products and / or services, tips, promos being held, and other announcements to be conveyed to customers. 

Membership Page 

The membership page is a very important part for future website development. By knowing who your visitors are and the development of the number of active visitors you can analyse things that need to be improved, meet the needs of visitors more precisely, so that in the end your website can continue to grow.  

There are several things that are very important if you want to request personal data from website visitors, namely that you must be able to maintain the confidentiality of that data and the privacy of visitors, they must also be able to terminate their membership at any time. 

Contact page 

The contact page contains ways to contact website administrators, either by email, telephone, fax, chat, mail, or by filling out an online question or comment form. This will provide a sense of comfort to visitors because they can get in touch with the website owner, know the office address, talk to the website administrator either to ask questions or to submit complaints. 

Now plan for the web pages and website structure that you will use. Remember, you don’t have to have many pages, if one page is self-explanatory, that’s fine. One more important step before you create a website appearance, namely SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques. 

Having questions about architect website? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help.  Get free consultation from us. 



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