Website Design for Car Services

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website for car services

Do not make the mistake of thinking that if a website is not going to be dedicated to sales, it is not worth creating it. Corporate pages, those that present the services of a company, will help attract customers, as well as being very useful at the Local SEO level, to indicate to the user exactly where we are. 

Of course, keep in mind that just having a website will not be enough, but it will have to be designed well. 

In this article we are going to analyse some of the keys that should be considered in web design for a car repair shop. 

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Consider when designing a website for a car repair shop 

Design type for the web page 

You must find a way to attract the client, who really wants to hire our services. We are interested in identifying the brand with the web, so that it can remember us for the future. If at any given moment your car breaks down, it must be clear to you that you can trust us. 

That is why the design must include the combination of tones that make up the logo. Thanks to this, we will contribute to creating a brand image, in addition to distributing it. 

Choose a simple, minimalist design, but modern at the same time 

Sections to work 

Types of services: Specify exactly the services we offer to the client. The idea is that you have no doubt about what we offer you. If the information on the web is confusing or incomplete, they may call us to complete it, or they may directly choose our competitors. 

Information about our facilities: In this section we can talk about how sophisticated our tools are with which we repair vehicles, about how we have been adapting to market changes, as well as any detail that we may consider relevant. 


History of the workshop: We will describe a little the history of the workshop and we can mention some of the members of the team that will serve the client. This way we will be able to earn your trust from the first moment. 


Contact: We must give the user the possibility of contacting the company through different ways. At the very least, we should provide you with a customer service number, an email, as well as a contact form (better known as a newsletter). 


Online sale? 

If our intention is to sell spare parts, or directly sell a repair service, we will probably have to make major changes to the web. We should integrate a shopping cart with all the relevant products and services. Possibly even an appointment system would have to be integrated so that the user can choose the right day to come and that we take care of the repair of the vehicle. 


SEO oriented website 

Bet on a responsive design, add relevant keywords and work on loading time, to prevent the customer from despairing. 

Follow these keys and you will achieve a quality web design for a car page. 


Having questions in car services web design? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 



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