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website for education institute

In today’s digital era, creating a school website is important for the existence of every school. The function of the website for schools is very important because transparency of information for schools can now be accessed by anyone.  

Having a website for your school certainly must spend some money because you must hire a web host. However, there are also ways that you can get a school website for free.  

In this digital age, many schools are implementing an online system using websites. In addition, the school website can also save money and time, so that because they have already conducted online learning. 

 Therefore, almost all educational institutions already have their own websites. An attractive web page can help them promote their school, providing all the important information about the institution, courses, educational environment, etc. 

Apart from that, this online platform is also an easy place for you to offer and open alternative learning opportunities such as online courses for everyone.  

As a result, the need to have an excellent educational or school website is becoming more and more important these days. 

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There are usually three types of school websites: 

  • School or college websites provide information about the schools, students, teachers, courses and classes they offer. 
  • Online education portals offer course materials, hands-on classes, and tutorials for students. 
  • The membership website for education is a place where students can enter and take their classes online, view their grade information, and submit their assignments. Teachers or lecturers can create, manage courses, take online and offline classes for their students, and monitor students. 

An important element in a school website 

  • Home Page – Give the first impression when visitors view your website where you can put all the necessary information such as logos, images, important notices, and event information. 
  • About Page – You can display all information about your institute or school or university on this page such as history of your school, location, certifications, prizes, etc. 
  • Courses Page – On this page, you can provide detailed information about the courses your school offers. 
  • Faculty Information – On this page, you can display information about your institution’s faculty, teachers and team members. 
  • Registration Form – You must include a registration form for visitors who wish to register for your course or what your school has to offer. 
  • Contact Person – You will also need to attach a contact form where students or visitors can send messages or contact you directly through your website. 

If you don’t have a website for your educational institute. So first think about the elements that you want to include in the educational website that you are going to create. 

The basic steps to create a free school website 

  • Determine the appropriate domain name for your school or education website. 
  • Register a domain name and get a hosting package from a web host developer. 
  • Install WordPress. 
  • Install a great, attractive and responsive educational WordPress theme for your website. 
  • Choose the theme you want to create the look and feel you want. 
  • Download and install relevant LMS plugins for your school website. 
  • Add content and information. 

Choose a domain name to create your school website. 

The first step to creating a website is to create a domain name for your website.  

Visitors only need to remember your domain name for your education and school websites. The domain name you choose can only be owned by one website.  

Choosing a domain name for your education or school website is not difficult. The name of the school, campus, educational institution or educational portal itself can be good choices for the domain name. 

Register a domain and host 

There are many web hosting companies or developers that offer large disk space and bandwidth. But the cost you pay for it is also extraordinary.  

Web hosting services allow you to display websites on the Internet. Therefore, you should choose a web hosting package that makes sense.  

For beginners who are still, using Shared Hosting is the main recommendation because the price is low and can be used. If you have trouble finding a cheap and reliable web hosting developer. 

Install WordPress to create your school website 

Like the previous article, this article also uses WordPress as a website platform for building school and education websites because of its simplicity to use.  

WordPress is a superior platform for creating all types of websites as well as an excellent and easy Content Management System. You can create a fully functional website without ever understanding coding and scripts.  

This service is also FREE. So, creating your school and education website is very easy. 

Install a beautiful and attractive WordPress theme for your school and education website. 

With WordPress, it’s easy to change the design, layout, and appearance of your website with templates that are readily available or available to you.  

All you must do is find a good theme that fits your needs for your website. Then install it on your WordPress dashboard, your website will look more beautiful and attractive. 

Download and Install a WordPress Plugin for School Websites. 

First, you need to know how to install plugins on your site.  

First, you must go to your WordPress Dashboard. Then, click on Plugins / Add New. Like uploading a new theme, you also have 2 ways to upload a WordPress plugin: by searching the plugins list or uploading directly from your computer with a “.zip” file. 

After selecting a plugin from the list or uploading it from your computer, click Install Now to install the plugin. This will take a few seconds. After installing, Activate the plugin. Now, the plugin is ready for your school’s website. 

Add Content and Information to Your School Website. 

When all the elements are ready. Then you can add content and information related to your school or educational institution. On the Dashboard, you can add a new page or a new post to your site by going to Pages / Adds New.  

Yes, those are all the steps you must go through if you want to create a website for your school or education.  

After you have followed the step-by-step guide as above, you can now have a complete website with all the necessary tools and ready to be published on the Internet. Happy reading and growing your business or website. 

Having questions in DM for educational institute? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 



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