Website design for jewellery store

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Website design for jewellery store

Online jewellery stores are popping up on the Internet more and more, but many are disappearing as quickly as they appeared. 


There are several reasons. 

Sale of jewellery that is too expensive (or jewellery that is not expensive enough…), that does not please, of poor quality, too like offers of similar jewellery, etc. In this text we will not expand on this kind of causes directly related to the product. 

The other causes are related to the jewellery site itself, and the marketing action that followed the construction of the jewellery site. 

Many online jewellery store closures are caused by a series of causes that seem easy to avoid: 

– Amateur looking site 

– Poor presentation of jewellery 

– Poorly structured online store 

– Shop difficult to use 

– Few means of payment 

– Slowness of the site 

– Less commercial advertising for the store 

– Site poorly optimized for SEO 

– Poorly referenced site. 

Explore our jewellery store web design premium WordPress templates: 

A jewellery business must build confidence: 

Would you buy from your jewellery store if you didn’t know the manager? 

Often, since the possibility of starting a business in the form of the self-employed, small sites looking to sell jewellery or accessories. 

Often the fault of these shops is the presentation and the obvious lack of Internet marketing sense.  


Professional design, simple rules: 

Not everyone is a designer, but if you follow a few basic rules, you will end up with a site that looks like a professional site. 

– Standardize the font: Choose a font that character for the whole site and keep it. Choose a font that is easy to read, and especially a font that is installed on all computers. Otherwise, it won’t appear, or your potential customer’s browser will ask for an installation. People don’t like having to do installations while browsing a site. You will lose your visitors. 

– Standardize character sizes: Make rules for the size of characters on the site. For example, systematically a certain size for a running text, such sizes for the title of a paragraph or the name of a jewel, and such size for the headline of a page. Three or four sizes will be enough for it. 

– Colour uniformity: Do not multiply the colours in the site. Two or three colours should allow you to build a jewellery site entirely and without making it look like a children’s toy site. 

– Make a graphic charter: You must at least place certain elements in the whole site in the same place. For example, the logo will be at the top left, the menu on the left, the contact details will be at the bottom of each page, etc. 

Take pictures of quality jewellery: 

This is a problem often encountered on sites that are built too quickly. Since not everyone can afford a photo studio or the services of a professional photographer, here are some tips for getting photos of acceptable quality. 

– Take the photo of the jewel outdoors in the shade or under a hazy sun. Avoid taking a photo under artificial, allogeneic, neon, or other lighting. Because you don’t have the right projector, your photo will have bad colours. Simply place the jewellery on a white sheet or on a light coloured felt tip pen. Do several tests and stick with the background that works for the whole site. 

– Use a photo stand. You will find inexpensive feet in the store, and this will allow you to have photos of jewellery that are often sharpened. 

– The right choice of photo file format: For jewellery photos, Jpeg and correct, but png format is more suitable for the Internet. On the other hand, regarding designs such as the logo, absolutely avoid the Jpeg format which is a compressed format and which risks deteriorating the colours. For drawings, choose png or Gif instead. 

– The right size of photos: Two sizes and definitions of jewellery photos will come in handy. One normal size and one zoom size. For example, plan for 150 pixels on the side and for the zoom, 600 pixels on the side. 


Advertising is essential for a jewellery site: 

Don’t think that you are going to be able to find customers just by listing your site in directories. Often, jewellery store managers think that this will suffice, and word of mouth will do the rest. Usually, this kind of site does not last a year. 

A commercial site must necessarily devote an advertising budget. A small site will need to budget at least between 1000 and 3000 Euro per month to get enough orders to live. If you think you won’t be able to invest such a small budget, give up your online jewellery store project. 

The most effective form of Internet advertising is contextual advertising. This textual advertisement will be displayed on site pages only related to the product you are selling such as jewellery. On the AdWords online advertising site, for example, you can write your ad and choose the most important themes and keywords. Make sure you write your ad correctly. Read carefully the tips for writing a pop-up ad. 

Consider writing and distributing a press release: 

For the opening of your jewellery store, consider writing a press release. Not only will this give you visibility on the Net, but in addition, you may have the chance to get an article in a media if your jewellery is original or pleases a journalist. Read the tips for writing a press release. This kind of text responds to very specific rules. 


Promotions on jewellery are essential: 

Make your customers happy and bring your jewellery store to life by constantly offering promotions. Look for favourites from your suppliers for which you will be able to negotiate strongly, or if you make your own jewellery, design jewellery that can be manufactured in larger quantities and at lower cost. 


Don’t force a visitor to sign up for a purchase: 

This is true for all online businesses. If you force a visitor to register on your site before purchasing, you will lose a certain number of customers and orders. Given the opportunity to buy on a whim. This is even more important for a business-like fashion or jewellery. 


Watch for important events in the year: 

Jewellery is birthdays all year round, but it’s also times like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day. Customize and decorate your jewellery site for these occasions. Send an Email to your customers to remember them and prepare promotions for this kind of event. Keep your business alive. 

Having the possibility to modify the site permanently and without requesting it from an outside company is one of the interests of making a site yourself. 

Having questions in jewellery store web design? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 



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