Website Design for Lawyers

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Website for Lawyers

Fortunately, creating a website is not as difficult as it sounds when you have the right tools to do it. The easiest way to build a great legal website quickly is using WordPress which is a very popular platform that allows you to create any type of website.  

You have many premium site themes to choose from, and you can add all kinds of functionality to your site easily with the help of plugins. 

When it comes to legal websites, there are many topics that focus on the legal industry. We can help you better understand and remove all doubts in order to carry out your project of a Website for lawyers. 

Explore our lawyers web design premium WordPress templates: 

Web Design for Lawyers 

Lawyers who have a robust website and strong search engine optimization (SEO) are getting a lot of clients from their websites. Today, clients who come from websites represent a good percentage of the practice of some lawyers. 

The important thing on an attorney’s website is to accurately reflect the business on the site so that the website builds trust and authenticity. Properly written content and an attractive design are essential for a website that generates a lot of new business. 

Because the web is very good at generating customers, it is competitive. A website program must be competitive with what other law firms are doing on the web.  

You should hire an internet marketing company that has experience with law firms. Many areas of the law generate clients, some areas do not. Working with someone who is experienced in this can guide you to the most profitable areas in your practice to focus on. 


How to get started with the website for your study. 

To create your new lawyer website, you will need to purchase a domain name and hosting plan. You will also need to collect all the content that you want to include on your legal site, including biographical information from lawyers, images, links to posts, and testimonials from previous legal clients. Let’s start with the basics: 


A domain name 

As an attorney, it is important to choose a domain name that accurately represents you. You can use your own name or the name of your company.  

However, you can also choose a domain name that includes the areas of law in which you specialize. If possible, choose a .COM extension. You can also try adding words like attorney, lawyer, law, or legal if your desired name is not available on its own.  

We help you through the process, or you can leave it up to us and we do all the work. 


A professional hosting plan 

The next step is to choose a hosting company that will host your website and make it possible for visitors to find it online. For this we have our own hosting servers, with different price and service plans. 


WordPress layout 

Once you have decided on your domain name, we can present you with a mock-up of what your lawyer website would look like, which has all the necessary features that a lawyer would need. There are a ton of great options that we can display with WordPress. 



Having your content ready to go is essential if you want to speed up the realization of your website for your law firm. Most WP themes allow you to import demo content and layouts with one click, so it’s easy to just delete your content and copy and paste your information in its place. Be sure to include information about yourself, your practice areas, your logo, and any images you want to use. 


What a website for lawyers should look like? 

What was desired was a fresh, modern look, serving as an information platform for clients and keeping interested parties updated on general legal issues in the context of a company blog. 

So that users and prospects do not have to search for contact details for a long time, a button called “Call to action” should be prominently placed in the header of the home page, which links directly to the page contact by clicking, in which the information and office hours of the Law Firm are listed. 

Also, the phone number and email address are displayed in the meta-navigation on all pages. 

The home page should have a large black and white header image, depicting the two attorneys and thus creating a personal level. The calm colours and adding black and gold are what define the sector, minimalist and reserved makes the website look very elegant.  

The legal areas of the law firm should be represented by icons and thus simplify the appearance of the website. The most important ones should be highlighted on the home page. 

Everyone refers to the corresponding sub-page, so that the user can easily navigate through the different legal areas and quickly reach the desired pages. 

Having questions in lawyers web design? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 



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