Website design for online store

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Website design for online store

With us, the first step to creating an online store is to add a Store module on a new page. Create a new page on your site and drag and drop the icon at the top left of the page. That’s it! You now have almost a ready-to-use store. 

All you must do is add your products, write your product sheets, define your selling prices, adjust delivery and costs, then save and publish your site. Following this, you can follow directly from your interface the orders placed on your online store. 

The e-store module has been specially designed to allow you to easily create an online store but also and above all to help any merchant site manager to increase sales using various Marketing tools: inventory management, customer identification. 

Setting up an online store and making it thrive is no easy task. But we give it to you, the one-click purchase will allow you to facilitate the user experience of your visitors and therefore encourage them to buy. 

In addition, your customer’s navigation through your products is also made easier with the search tool. The visitor only must type his keywords in the appropriate field to easily find the desired products in your online store. Handy if you have a lot of references! It is essential to take care of the web design and the user experience of your online store 

Explore our online store web design premium WordPress templates: 

Choose your domain name 

Before creating your store, with us or elsewhere, you will need to choose a domain name. It is thanks to this that your customers identify you and find you. This greatly facilitates the memorization of your brand by your visitors. Choose it wisely: relevant to your business, easy to spell and remember. 

Our paid plans all offer a free domain name included. 


Online store: choose your template 

Overall, out of all the website builders on the market, you will have a first choice to make when creating your store. It will be a question of choosing your template, the visual identity that you want to adopt on your site. 

A preconceived design template for your online store, according to your activity or according to the proposed colours that you like. 

Start from scratch, that is, from a blank page and build your own design yourself. 

Create the pages of your site 

Now comes the fateful step of creating the different pages of his online store. You’re Home Page, Contact, Products, and more. 

We detail here all the steps for an optimal product page! 

First step: Add your products 

So, you have just created your online store, it is now a matter of carefully configuring it. Finally comes the long-awaited step of adding the products. Yes, your e-store will finally have a real catalogue and be able to start generating customers. To add your products, nothing could be simpler, you just must click on the +. 

Once you have chosen your online store template, you will be taken to the editor. As a reminder, to transform your simple site into an online store, you just need to slide the store module. 

Once your e-store has been inserted on one of the pages of your site, you can customize the style of your online store. You will have a set of configurations available to customize your e-commerce module as you wish. To do this, click on the “Customize style” icon on the “Choose a style” panel of the Design tab. 

For a unique and fresh design, you can even add a background image to your online store. 

Step two: Then add the details related to the product 

Title: do not choose a title that is too long (ideally 12 characters). Provide details in the description. 

Description: A text editor allows you to enter a full description of the product. Price: in euros only for the moment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want another currency. 

Stocks: If payments are enabled, you have the option to configure the maximum number of items that can be purchased by a customer. 

Images: Also add one or more good quality photos showing the product from different angles. You can display up to 4 images or pack shot of your product. On your site, when visitors click on one of the thumbnails, the image will display in full screen. 

Options: optionally configure options for your product (for example, sizes “S; M; L; XL” or colours with additional cost “White; Blue +0.5; Green +1; Red +2”). A drop-down menu will allow visitors to choose one of these options before adding the product to their cart. 

Categories: select which categories this product belongs to. For example, “shoes” and “man” 

Once completed, click on the “save” button. You can then update, delete or duplicate the product by clicking on it from the list of products. 

You can create as many products as you want but remember to stay organized and categorize them so people can easily find what they’re looking for. These pages must be clear so as not to lose the buyer during their purchase. The price must be clearly displayed, and the information legible. 

Configure the parameters and options 

You are now ready to configure your store and its various options. Here again, with the display of stocks in your e-store, we have decided to play it fine. You can check the option “Display stock status” on the left of your screen in the blue area then define, just below, the minimum quantity of products triggering the display of the number of items remaining on your merchant site (which will appear as “More than X remaining item (s)”). Seeing this, your visitors, seduced by one or more of your products, will feel a sense of urgency and they will therefore be pushed to buy more quickly, especially not to miss the opportunity. 

Ensure the security of your online store 

What could be worse than not feeling safe while browsing a website? In order to gain the trust of the public, it is important to ensure the security of your online store. To do this, use an HTTPS domain to secure your site. Our offers allow you to create your online store without worrying about its security, since it is included in the plan. Check beforehand that your site is secure, to gain places with Google as well. Indeed, Google will tend to better index secure sites for the public. 

Create your professional email address 

You’ve created your perfect online store. Now is the time to worry about how your customers will contact you. What could be better than creating a professional email address for that? With our formulas, you can create from 3 to 10 email addresses for your online store. What to be organized and attentive to your customers, right? All you must do is send any questions or after-sales service to your professional email address on your Contact page and you’re done! 

On a merchant site, displaying a crossed-out price is also a great way to increase sales. Indeed, this allows you to visibly and immediately highlight the sales and promotions of your online store. This way, it will be immediately obvious to your customers that this superb product at half price is an opportunity that should not be missed. 

Do not hesitate to create personalized calls to action thanks to the Widget / Button module: CTAs help boost sales by attracting the eye of the consumer. 

Having questions online store web design? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 




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