Website design for Real Estate

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Website design for Real Estate

It’s normal at first to get confused when starting an online business, but with the right guidance it gets easier and easier. This article is for beginners who want to take their real estate business to the next level. It aims to help you create a vivid and feature-rich real estate directory without needing the help of technical experts to solve your problems. Therefore, brokers, real estate agents or anyone who wants to have their own real estate website and earn passive income through the online directory can start their new business with confidence and avoid making bad decisions. 

Explore our Real Estate web design premium templates: 

website theme for real estate
website template for real estate

How does a real estate property list work? 

A real estate listing website works like a location-based directory website that acts as a middle ground between owners and buyers. You typically have a variety of property categories in which ads run. Therefore, owners can submit their property listings in the corresponding category. You can register and use the property listing submission form to submit your listing. As an administrator, you can set whether you want the list to be published automatically upon submission or saved as a pre-stop to review and verify before publishing. You can even decide whether to allow free or paid ad serving. To allow payment lists on your website, you can create payment submission packages. Real estate agents can register on their website, choose the pricing package that best suits their needs and submit their listings using the front-end submission form. Some ideal lists are User registration, Property submission, Payment packages, Submission form, Property management, Payment processing, Categorization, search and filters, Advanced feature 

Pages and menu: 

With the pages option, you can create unlimited pages for your website. Once you have created a page, you can view its link in the menu. Create a new page, you can choose the page template of the page and set whether you want the page to show right or left sidebar or no sidebar. Set a suitable name for the page. You can add content to the page, add images / videos or text, and create web pages according to your needs. 

Page element and bars: 

You may want to change the positions of some elements on your website. For example, you might want to see the categories in the sidebar, at the top, followed by a part showing the login form. The items you see on the home page and page sidebar appear through widgets. And the widgets are mobile. All you need to do here is drag and drop the widget to the desired widget area and then configure it as needed. 

Get paid for displaying advertisement: 

You can earn money by displaying advertisements on your website. However, the next thing you can do to make money through a website such as the real estate directory to allow advance payment. Now let’s see how to enable paid front-end token shipments and accept payments. But before you start allowing frontend shipping, you’ll want to create the rate plans that users can choose from. The directory theme has the simplest options for creating pricing packages. 


The home page map indicates the locations of all lists on the map using map markers. Visitors can go to your website and click on the bookmark to go directly to the listing detail page. This improves the user experience. There are maps on the category page and on the detail page. Therefore, when the user clicks on the category page, all published property listings in that category will be displayed on the map. 

What are the keys points for real estate website creation? 

  • Advanced Search 
  • Sorting 
  • Latest or featured properties 
  • Image gallery 
  • Social sharing 
  •  Map view 
  • Contact form & contact number 
  • Blog 
  • References 

Having questions in Real Estate website design? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 



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