Why you should have an eCommerce website?

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Why you should have an eCommerce website?

What is an eCommerce website? 


In easy terms eCommerce website is an online shop. Nowadays, with the growing popularity of the Internet and technology advancement, it is quicker and easier to buy and sell online now than ever. People are now using their laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones to do more things including making purchases and even selling products through the Internet. People can now enjoy shopping and even run their own business from their homes. As a seller with an eCommerce website, you can tell your customers about your company, showcase your products and get payments online. As small business owners, you are facing the new truth that Internet users are no longer limited to sit at desktop computers in order to do research or send chats. Customers being able to purchase what they want and when they want it, and you won’t lose out on sales with an online shop that is open 24×7, compared to regular store hours. If you are not having an eCommerce website, you are leaving the money on the table.  

Why do people buy products online? 

  • Comparison of shopping 
  • Wider selection 
  • Better prices 
  • Reviews from other shoppers 
  • Saving time 
  • Home delivery 

online shopping

Expands your brand 

Having an eCommerce website will give you the opportunity to reach out and offer your products and services to customers around the world, regardless of the distance and time zone. 

Higher selling rate 

Buyers are more likely to purchase when they can place their order instantly, rather than waiting for a regular store to open. so your product might get sell in more numbers than your local store. 

Low risk 

An online shop enables you to increase profitability with low risk as most likely you will need a smaller workforce with the reduced chances of shoplifting and damages to goods that can happen in a physical shop. 

Customer convenience 

These days customers are appreciating the comfort of online shopping more than before. Rather than spending hours searching in physical stores, people are now making purchases over the Internet in free all the times that would be difficult to make a trip to a shop. You can use your website to connect with your customers by providing a service, such as order tracking, delivery confirmations, and product recommendations based on their orders. 

Influence purchases 

Nowadays buyers go online to shop and make decisions on what they want to buy and where to buy it. Your online store now will give you a competitive edge over those who have not yet embraced the platform of eCommerce, Customers are constantly looking for convenient ways to purchase what they need. 

Marketing for your site 

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is a good platform for advertising your all products and eCommerce website. You can also build trust with customers receiving reviews and ratings. More Importantly with good search engine optimization, your website will appear top results of search engine.  

card payment

Process of eCommerce website 

• A customer chooses one of your products and adds it to the cart. All the information will be saved in the database. 

•The order manager queries your database to find out if the ordered product is in stock. 

• If it’s not in stock, the stock database should order more product from the manufacturer. If it’s in stock, the stock database confirms the product is available. 

• A merchant system accepts the payment. 

• The bank confirms that there is enough money on the customer’s debit or credit card. 

• When the transaction is successfully completed, the webserver is notified.      After the customer gets a message that the order transaction is completed. 

• The order manager will order to dispatch the order from the store or warehouse to the customer. 

• Product is transported, and the order is delivered to the customer.        

shipment process

Shipment process  


  • Free Shipping                                                                                                    

  • Flat rate shipping                                                                                        

  • Price based shipping   

  • Weight-based shipping

  • Real-time shipping calculation                                                                                                                                                        

Value-added points for building site 


  • Mobile and user-friendly website

     The design of your website should be easy to handle. This is to help buyers to buy what they want faster. 

  • Target audience. 

  • Good shopping cart function 

    You should make that you use a good shopping car function, as it will alert you when an order is ready or made. 

  • A high-resolution photo or video

     Buyers wanted to see the product from a different angle so that buyers get an impression of the product. 

  • User reviews 

    Most of the buyers read reviews to buy the product online. 

  • Related items feature. 

  • Special offers 

    Most of the sites are posting special offers through the site, mail, social media, etc.  

  • Proof 

    The opportunity to bond with online customers is easier than ever. 

  • Safety security 

    Online payment has made the buyers a great shopping comfort. Always provide assurance to the customers with proper payment securities. 

  • Shipping Information

     It’s important that your eCommerce website include shipping information. Customers will check the order shipment process. 

  • Keyword for SEO

     Search volume, Ranking difficulty, Search relevance. 

  • Frequently asked questions

     This is the feature where you get in touch with the customers by answering their questions and clear doubts for them. 


Best eCommerce platforms 

  • Magento 
  • WooCommerce 
  • Yo!Kart – It is a self-hosted multiuser software for marketplaces suitable for both start-ups as well as companies. 
  • CS-Cart 
  • Shopify 
  • BigCommerce 
  • Wix eCommerce 

Having questions about the eCommerce website? Our team receives special training to ensure that you are receiving all the information. For all your questions we are here to help. Get free consultation from us. 




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